How has LeBron James Tried to Emulate Michael Jordan in Different Ways?

As a GOAT, Michael Jordan inspired a lot of LeBron James' decisions in the NBA and over the course of his basketball career. 

So, here are a couple of things LeBron has picked up from MJ.

Nike Endorsement

It was Jordan who put Nike on the map in 1994. They weren't as prominent a brand in the league as they are now. So, when LeBron was offered a lifetime deal with them when he entered the league, it was a dream come true for him. He always wanted to endorse Nike just like MJ.

Credit: Youtube/Nice Kicks

Chalk Toss

LeBron James' chalk toss is a key part of his pre-game routine and the fans look forward to it in every game But Jordan was the originator of the chalk toss. However, MJ had his own style of doing it and LeBron has made it his own as well. He throws the chalk in the air and the crowd goes nuts!

Credit: Youtube/NBA

Space Jam

Jordan had a famous role alongside the Looney toons in a basketball movie called Space Jam, making him even more popular than he was. And now Bron is following MJ's footsteps and starring in Space Jam 2. Fans are expecting the same brilliance that they saw in the first one.

Credit: Youtube/Warner Bros. Pictures

Jersey Number

Everyone knows Jordan wore the No. 23 for most of his NBA career and he wore it as homage for his brother, Larry. And LeBron having the same is no coincidence. It is clear that he wants to emulate MJ.

Credit: Twitter/NBA History

Cigar Smoking

Jordan was no stranger to smoking cigars. He was often seen smoking after a big game and continues to do so even after retirement. LeBron does not hide his love for cigars either and is seen smoking them after games, at home and even with friends.

Credit: Youtube/R4GE Productions


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