Kevin Durant's Fouls, Evan Fournier's Explosive Offense & Other Team USA vs France Olympic Games Highlights

The Americans started off Olympic play with a tough matchup against a France squad that featured DPOY Rudy Gobert.

And like the exhibition games, they disappointed again, losing 83-76. 

This isn't the only test Team USA will face in its quest for their fourth goal but let's glance through the highlights!

KD with a good start or a bad one?

With 6 minutes left in the first quarter, Kevin Durant already had 7 points but he also picked up 2 fouls on the way.

Credit: Twitter/isolationba

Defense on point for Team USA

Team USA was overwhelming France with its overwhelming intensity. By the end of the first, the score was 22-15 in favour of USA.

Credit: Twitter/isolationba 

Nicolas Batum helps bag a dunk

France runs a nice high-low action with Nicolas Batum finding Moustapha Fall for an easy dunk.

Credit: Twitter/Steve Jones Jr.

Damian Lillard does what he does best

With 7 minutes left in the second quarter, Team USA is still leading 29-21 and then Damian Lillard pulls off another one of his magical buckets from the arc. Also, KD has piled up 3 fouls under his name by now.

Credit: Twitter/The Mamba Show

Magical dunk from Zach LaVine

With the clock ticking and halftime inching closer, the USA is still 7 points ahead until a steal lands Zach LaVine with the ball and he takes off for a dunk. And it's 45-37 at the end of the first half.

Credit: Twitter/The Mamba Show

Evan Fournier: The Game changer for France

Third-quarter is where things really turned around for France. Evan Fournier led the way for them on the offense who had 22 of the team's 49 points, reducing the deficit to 4 points.

Credit: Twitter/Chris Grenham

France takes the lead

France ends up outscoring the USA in the third 25-11 and is up by 6 points into the final frame. The third quarter ends with 62-56 with France holding the lead.

Credit: Twitter/TresMasUno

Jrue Holiday gives his best to keep Team USA alive

Not only did Jrue Holiday give Team USA a great start to the fourth quarter with his beautiful bucket from the arc, his incredible performance kept the score close.

Credit: Twitter/The Mamba Show

Evan Fournier brings Team France back on track

France had slipped once again, giving the USA the lead but when the score was 74-73 with one minute left, Fourier came to their rescue and stole the lead once again.

Credit: Twitter/The Mamba Show

Damian Lillard, YIKES!!

With 17 seconds left, France leading by 4 points, Damian Lillard loses an important possession because of a fall and it was game over at 83-76. France for the win!

Credit: Twitter/isolationba

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