Kobe Bryant calling Michael Jordan his Big Brother, Reggie Miller and His Black Jesus Story & Other Favorite Moments From 'The Last Dance'

When Michael Jordan's 10-part documentary came out, it made us laugh, cry and helped us come out with memes too. 

Reliving his final moments with the Chicago Bulls from the comfort of our homes was the best thing we could ask for. 

And now, it's time to re-watch some elements of that documentary that we can never forget.

Space Jam 'Pickup Games'

When Michael Jordan's comeback in 1994-95 season ended with losing to the Orlando Magic in the ECSF, MJ was determined to work hard. But he had to shoot for Space Jam at the time too. So, he got them to make a full-scale basketball court with a training facility on the set itself. So, after a tiring day of shooting, he would call some of the greatest players to join him for games.

Credit: Twitter/Ballislife.com

Jordan calls Horace Grant a snitch

When the Sam Smith Book 'The Jordan Rules' came out, it rubbed MJ the wrong way. The book had anonymous information from some members of the organization. So, during the documentary, Jordan blatantly accused Horace Grant of being the informant, which Grant denied despite having a great relationship with the author.

Credit: Twitter/Rob Lopez

Giving the ball to Gus Lett

After Jordan's father passed away, he found a father figure in his security guard, Gus Lett. Despite battling with cancer, Gus appeared for the Bulls Game 7 win against the Pacers in the 1998 ECF, a series Jordan considered his toughest in 13 years. After the game, Jordan delivered the game ball to Lett, making it one of the most touching moments of the documentary.

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Black Jesus

Reggie Miller was one of the most prolific trash talkers in NBA history until he came across MJ. In the documentary, he described a game in which he significantly outscored Jordan in the first half, but MJ stole the show in the second half. Miller then recounted the epic tagline MJ put on the performance: 'Don't ever talk trash to Black Jesus.

Credit: Twitter/OutKick

Ron Harper wanted to guard MJ on 'The Shot'

Before becoming Jordan's teammate, Ron Harper requested his Cavs coach Lenny Wilkins to guard MJ during the famous Last Shot. But he put Craig Ehlo instead. To this, Harper's response in the documentary was hilarious. He said, "Yeah Ok. Whatever. F*** this Bull****"

Credit: Twitter/Jonathan Peterlin

Kobe called Jordan his 'Big Brother'

The entire sequence with Kobe Bryant in the documentary had everyone tearing up. From Kobe describing how Jordan offered his mentorship to calling him his 'Big Brother', everything about that was just beautiful.

Credit: Twitter/ESPN

The Cigar and Baseball moment in the Locker room

The coolest image of the 10-part series was MJ chilling in the locker room while discussing the art of trash-talking, at the same time, puffing his cigar and swinging a baseball bat. What made the moment more perfect was '90s R&B playing in the background.

Credit: Twitter/Blue Wire

Jerry Krause's Dance

Nobody had expected that some unseen footage of the Behind-the-Scenes Bulls will surface in the documentary. But Jerry Krause's celebratory dance on the team plane made it very entertaining.

Credit: Twitter/Andy Nesbitt

Dennis Rodman's mid-season vacation to Las Vegas

Everybody knows Dennis Rodman was one of a kind. And the documentary captured the entire part of his 48-hour trip to Vegas in the middle of the 1997-98 season. In fact, he even gave a WWF appearance during the the Finals.

Credit: Twitter/ESPN

Michael Jordan bullying Scott Burrell

Scott Burrell wasn't very known until this documentary. After MJ calling Scott a "good guy", he said he lacked the passion to push his skills. So, footage of MJ putting Scott through verbal and physical torment was shown in the doc.

Credit: Twitter/Ballislife.com

Jordan laughs off 
'The Glove'

No scene embodied Jordan's arrogance more than when he laughed uproariously through a clip of Former Seattle Supersonics' Gary Payton who said he kept MJ in check during the last few games of the 1996 NBA Finals.

Credit: Twitter/ESPN

Jordan's breakdown after Father's Day victory

We've all seen his competitiveness, greatness, and trash talk but watching his vulnerable side was the highlight of 'The Last Dance'. After winning the 1996 title on Father's Day, MJ was seen sobbing on the locker room floor uncontrollably. This was his first title after his father died.

Credit: Youtube/Double Cha

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