LA Clippers vs Phoenix Suns Game 2 WCF Highlights

The first game had plenty of fireworks with the Phoenix Suns winning it 120-144. And even though Devin Booker wasn't as dominant in Game 2, the result did not change. 

The match started off slow but went down to the wire with the Suns stealing the 104-103 win from LA in under one second. 

Let's walk through how it all went down.

DeAndre Ayton to a good start

IUnlike Devin Booker, DeAndre Ayton carried his form from game 1 to Game 2. In his 12 first quarter points, there was a ferocious alley-oop from Jaw Crowder and he was labeled as a human pogo stick. This helped Phoenix secure a 25-22 lead in the first quarter.

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Rajon Rondo was Clippers scoring boost

In the second quarter, Rajon Rondo helped the Clippers remain close to the Suns by dropping two three pointers. 

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Cameron Payne: Star of the first half

Payne did his best to ensure Chris Paul's absence isn't felt. He had 16 points in the half to lead the team to a 48-47 lead by halftime.

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Paul George and Devin Booker kept in check

Booker and PG had combined for 76 points in game 1 but Game 2 wasn't anything like that. The teams kept both the superstars in check. Booker was 3-for-10 from the field at half, and PG was 4-for-12.

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Phoenix Suns keep their lead

Cameron Payne continued to carry the offensive load for the Suns in the third quarter. By adding 7 points early on, he had a game-high 23 points. Payne was very creative with his shots as well.

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Devin Booker's nose injury

Late in the third quarter, Booker accidentally bumped heads with Clippers' Patrick Beverley. The young scorer was bleeding a lot from the nose and had to be rushed to the locker room. Fortunately, he returned to the court after treatment.

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An intense fourth quarter

The last quarter came down to the wire. Both Booker and Paul George had started to deliver down the stretch again, trading shots in crunch time.

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Paul George misses free throws

PG may have scored his teams last 6 points to give them a crucial 103-102 lead. But when he tanked the two freethrows with 8.2 seconds left to go on the clock, he failed to push the Suns to a point of no return and the Suns gave it back.

Credit: Youtube/Yoboimo

Ayton becomes the hero

With 0.9 seconds to go, Ayton came to the Suns' rescue. With an alley-oop from Jae Crowder, he slammed a dunk that gave the Suns their 104-103 win and take a comfortable 2-0 lead in the series.

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