LeBron James' Most Emotional and Heart-Warming Moments in His NBA Career

Everybody knows about the playful nature of LeBron James. But the superstar has an emotional side to him that doesn't come out very often. Infact, his tears have normalized the concept of athletes crying. 
Let's dive into some of the most emotional moments of his life.

Moment with Former Teammate

Remember Miami Heat's 'Big Three'? Well, that bond was not just limited to the court. Wade and LeBron had a bro moment with each other when the Lakers met Miami Heat for Wade's last game against him.

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James

Credit: Youtube/ Clive NBA Parody

Winning the championship

The first time this duo played together, they wreaked havoc in the NBA. Not only did they bring the Lakers their 17th Championship, but also formed a once in a lifetime kind of bond.

LBJ and Anthony Davis

Credit: YouTube/R4GE Productions

Surpassing Michael Jordan

After crushing Michael Jordan's record in all-time scoring, LeBron couldn't help but take a moment to reminisce his journey and shed a tear or two.

Moment of pride for Bron

Credit: YouTube/Pure highlights

Remebering the legend

After the passing of Lakers' legend Kobe Bryant, LeBron James gave a speech in his honor that had him and everyone present tearing up. In fact, Bron even cried when the National Anthem was sung.

In honor of Kobe Bryant

Credit: YouTube/House of Highlights

Cleveland Cavaliers NBA title

LeBron James could not rest until he won a championship for his home-team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. And once he did, he could not contain his feelings. Nothing is more pure than this moment.

Dream Come True

Credit: YouTube/The Hoop Doctors

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