LeBron James, Shaquille O'Neal, James Harden and Other NBA Stars in the Most Hilarious Commercials

It's like a trend in the NBA for successful players to be a part of great commercials in advertising history. Whether it is endorsing a shoe line, a service or another product, a lot of creativity goes into it. Sometimes too much. Have a look at some of the commercials that are bound to make you laugh!


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Kyrie Irving : Nike

Kyrie Irving and Nike came up with a commercial to launch his new signature shoe. This was no ordinary ad. They recreated every single meme based on Kyrie that came out that year. What a sport!

Credit: Youtube/Lakers Basketball

LeBron James: Sprite

For this commercial, LeBron took up an alter ego named 'Big Taste' as an NFL pitcher player. Along with him, famous rapper Kamaiyah is the catcher who has to strike out their opponent 'Thirst'. The ball is actually Sprite.

Credit: Youtube/SN

Shaquille O'Neal: Carnival Cruise Line

When Shaq announced that he was the CFO of Carnival Cruise Line, an ad came out that explained how CFO stood for "Chief Fun Offer", which sat very well with Shaq's personality. 

Credit: Youtube/Carnival Cruise Line

Chris Paul, Trevor Ariza and James Harden: State Farm Insurance

Former team players starred in a long commercial for State Farms Insurance. Along with them, there is Trevor Ariza and famous actor Oscar Nunez.

Credit: Youtube/Dennis Raz

Kawhi Leonard: Nike/Jordan 

Kawhi Leonard stepped way out of his comfort zone for this one. He chronicles a wild day on Snapchat wearing the Gatorade Jordan Ones. From teaching Karate to attending a song recording, he did it all. 

Credit: Youtube/Nipsey Hussle

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