LeBron James vs Michael Jordan: Best Playoff Game Winning Shots

LeBron James and Michael Jordan are forever destined to be pitted against one another.

So here's one more reason to compare them. Who is the more clutch player?

While Jordan may have more titles than LBJ, they don't tell the complete story. 

EssentiallySports brings to you, some of their playoff game-winning shots to make your decision easier.

LBJ in Game 5 vs. Pacers

LeBron was clutch on both ends of the floor. First, he pulled off his patented chase-down blocks on Victor Oladipo. Then with the final possession and 3 seconds left, he shot from the arc over Thaddeus Young.

Credit: Youtube/ ESPN

MJ in Game 3 of NBA Finals vs Lakers in 1991

Chicago was down by 2 with 11 seconds left. So, what did they do? Give the ball to Jordan. He took the ball the length of the court and hit a jumper over Byron Scott, sending the game into OT and eventually winning it.

Credit: YouTube/Redazione Tuttobasket

LBJ in Game 5 vs Wiziards 
in 2006

LeBron went complete beast mode when the Cavs were down by one with 3.6 seconds left in the first round. So, he caught the ball on the weak side, dribbled past four Wizards, and still managed to finish at the rim.

Credit: Youtube/Kaijukii

MJ's Conference Semifinals Game 4 vs Cavaliers 1993

Jordan took pleasure in beating the Cavaliers. Also known as Shot 2, the game was tied at 101. Jordan had the ball on the right wing while Gerald Wilkins was defending him. He took a few dribbles before hitting a sweet turn-around jumper.

Credit: Youtube/beast773

LBJ's Game 2 Eastern Conference Finals vs Magic, 2009

After having the best record in the season, the Cavs were down a game against Magic. With their season on the line, Bron received the ball at the top of the arc and dropped a three that glided its way to the hoop.

Credit: Youtube/LiveTalkRADIO

MJ's Game 2 NBA Finals vs Utah
Jazz in 1998

The Bulls were on the brink of defeat, trailing the Jazz 86-83. First MJ converted an easy lay-up trimming the deficit to a point. Karl Malone had the ball afterwards which was stripped off of him and then MJ did his magic and calmly dropped a jumper near the free-throw line.

Credit: Youtube/Matthew Lucio


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