Michael Jordan, LeBron James & Other NBA Players With Hilarious Meanings of Their Names on Urban Dictionary

The world of social media is constantly immersed in new trends. The most recent one is where people are searching their names on Urban Dictionary to figure out it's meaning. This is a website where viewers can search and add meanings of a particular world, name, or phrase. 

This had us wonder what will come up if we did the same for NBA Players, and here's what we discovered! 

Kobe Bryant 

The Kobe and Shaq beef in a nutshell...

Michael Jordan

Nothing is more accurate than this

LeBron James

LeBron haters are EVERYWHERE!

Shaquille O'Neal

Sure, Shaq's huge! But to use him as a unit of measurement? Unreal!

Kevin Durant

The title of 'Superteam chaser' isn't going to ever leave KD, is it?

Stephen Curry

Forever the three-point GOD! FOREVER!

Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi is often mocked for being expression-less and Urban Dictionary didn't hold back from taking a dig at it either. 

Lonzo Ball

The rest of the Ball family will continue to suffer thanks to their father LaVar Ball's image. I mean, it's haunting Lonzo Ball even on Urban Dictionary...

Klay Thompson

Huh? Where did this come from?

James Harden 

Nothing screams Harden more than his beard. So all in all, this is kind of on point.

Anthony Davis

Where this is Anthony Davis, there is a Unibrow

Russell Westbrook

Being called the 'Ninja Turtle' of the NBA, is a huge step up from being the fashionista. Isn't it?

Luka Doncic

If there's anybody who deserves to be in the run for future GOAT, it's Doncic.

Damian Lillard

A comparison between Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard? How did nobody else see this before...

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