Michael Jordan's Greatest Duels With Isiah Thomas, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Others

With his intense drive and competitive nature, Michael Jordan was bound to attract some rivalries in his career as an NBA player.
Let's have a look at the top five players who pushed his buttons. 

#5 Magic Johnson

Although Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson are great friends to this day, nobody can forget  Jordan trash-talking Magic, telling him "It's the 90s now". He indicated his reigning time is over.

Credit: Youtube/ House of Highlights

#4 Patrick Ewing

The Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks rivalry was the highlight in the 90s. And after Jordan dropped the deadly dunk on Patrick Ewing, how could they not hate each other?

Credit: YouTube/Peter Marcopolus

#3 Larry Bird

This was the old guard vs new guard rivalry everyone loved to see. Even though it spilled into every game, Larry Bird's Boston Celtics were too good for Jordan's Bulls , who lost every time.

Credit: YouTube/BTM

#2 Karl Malone

The 1997 MVP Karl Malone and his team were the rivals in the famous 'Flu Game' that actually defined Michael Jordan's legacy. The Mailman put the Bulls at work which made him MJ's major competitor.

Credit: YouTube/Nobody Touches Jordan

#1 Isiah Thomas

Karl Malone's 'Bad Boy Pistons' were the most hated team in the league for their harsh style of playing. And Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls were one of their victims of bullying.  MJ also didn't let Isiah become a part of the Dream Team. 

Credit: YouTube/Nobody Touches Michael

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