Michael Jordan's Iconic Poster  on Patrick Ewing, Kobe Bryant Dunking on Dwight Howard & Other Dunks That Almost Ended Careers

Spectacular Dunks can either make or break careers. Some NBA players enter the league with this art already mastered, some learn it during the course of their career.
Nevertheless, there are some dunks that are completely unforgettable and the players who were dunked on, probably were never the same again.


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Amar'e Stoudemire destroys Anthony Tolliver

This is the dunk of Stoudemire's career during his final season with the Phoenix Suns. Its been over a decade since he pulled this off against the Warriors' and now the face of the Dubs has changed completely.

Credit: Youtube/AstroSerebii

Blake Griffin slam dunks on Timofey Mozgov

Almost as soon as Blake Griffin entered the NBA, he established himself as a fearsome in-game dunker. After missing the entire 2009-10 season, he made a big comeback for the LA Clippers and it was this ridiculous dunk on Mozgov that put him on the map.

Credit: Youtube/thehoopscene

Shawn Kemp murders Alton Lister

Shawn Kemp was known for his leaping abilities when he entered the league. So, when he met Lister, the Seattle Supersonics had the ball on offense, Kemp got the ball at the top of the key, saw an open lane, and then took flight over Lister. He even celebrated the dunk by pointing at him.

Credit: Youtube/Seb P

LeBron James Demoralizes Damon Jones

Damon Jones is not just an ex-teammate of LeBron James but a close friend as well. However, back in 2005, he was just a Miami Heat rival of his, who found himself on the wrong end of a ruthless dunk by James. 

Credit: Youtube/Ryan Van Dusen

Dwight Howard humiliated by Kobe Bryant

This is one of the most memorable dunks of the Lakers' legend's career. This was before Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant became teammates. Dwight looked like he was confused about whether to take charge or contest the dunk. But Bryant elevated anyway and threw down a monstrous dunk over the rookie.

Credit: Youtube/ smoki2323

Vince Carter Explodes on Alonzo Mourning

Vince Carter has dunked over defenders throughout his career but the one against Alonzo Mourning was most impactful because of his 6'10" height. In fact, Carter swears Alonzo did not speak to him for years after this poster dunk.

Credit: Youtube/ Ryan Van Dusen

Michael Jordan famous dunk on Patrick Ewing

Not only fans, but Michael Jordan himself believes that the favorite dunk of his career is the one against Patrick Ewing During the opening round of the 1991 NBA playoffs. This kickstarted an infamous player rivalry that never came to an end. 

Credit: Youtube/ Peter Marcopulos

Shaquille O'Neal posterizes Chris Dudley

Shaquille O'Neal posterizes Chris Dudley

Chris Dudley and Shaquille O'Neal already had bad blood because of foul trouble and their physical matchups. So, when Shaq made a spin move, slam-dunked, and pushed Dudley to the floor, Chris couldn't take it. He even threw the ball back at Chris and had some hot words as well. 

Credit: Youtube/SATV

Dwyane Wade dunk on Anderson Varejao

It was actually supposed to e a dunk by LeBron James which was defended by Jermaine O'Neal. It's Wade who gets the rebound, pushing the ball up the right sideline. When none of the Cavs defenders stop it, Wade veers into the middle of the lane and explodes on the rim, as Varejao gets caught in the crossfire.

Credit: Youtube/ThePhilip1992

'The Dunk of Death' by Vince Carter

The only reason 7'2" Frederic Weis is popular is because of Vince Carter's beast dunk on him During the 2000 Olympics when the USA was playing France. This became so famous that the French media called it, 'Le dunk de la mort', which means 'The Dunk of death.'

Credit: Youtube/Olympics


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