Oscar-Winning 'Dear Basketball', Debut Role in TV series 'Moesha' & Other On-Screen Appearances by Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant's NBA resume isn't the only impressive aspect about him. In fact, he even made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. From exploring ventures in hip-hop music, music videos, cameos and starring in movies and TV shows. He has done it all. Let's not forget the Oscar award as well. 
Let's take a quick look at some of his work on the screens. 


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Oscar-winning- "Dear Basketball"

In 2015, Bryant announced his retirement from the NBA in a letter titled "Dear Basketball". 2 years later, the letter was made into an animated film. Kobe received credit for writing the film and he even narrated the letter in the film. It was so good that it went on to win Best Animated Short Film at the 90th Academy Awards in 2018.

Credit: Youtube/Nikos Elite

Played the role of "Terry Hightower" in one episode of TV series Moesha

This was Kobe's acting debut back in 1996. It was in an episode called "The Whistle Blower". Bryant plays a student who gets help from Moesha in preparing to retake his SATs. When his score doubles, everyone suspects that Moesha took the test for him. This was the beginning of a very promising career in this industry.

Credit: YouTube/shantee roberson

Cameo on Hang Time

In 1997, Lakers legend showed his acting skills on "Hang Time", while wearing Adidas "Crazy 8s". However, Kobe was in his natural element because he was playing 3 on 3 alongside Anthony Anderson, Danielle Deutscher, and former NBA player Reggie Theus.

Credit: YouTube/GLrebirth 

Kobe Bryant gives a voice-over for his own character in "The Proud Family"

The episode "One in a Million" of The Proud Family aired in 2003. In this animated series, there is a cartoon of the Mamba himself and the cherry on top is, that Kobe gave the voice to his character as well. Looks like acting isn't the only thing Kobe could do.

Credit: YouTube/w0wzrrZ

Guest appearance on MTV's Ridiculousness

A very recent TV appearance was back in 2019 when he came on MTV's ridiculousness. It's a show where celebrity guests comment on viral videos. 

Credit: YouTube/NBA

Kobe's cameo in "Daddy's Home"

Alongside Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, Kobe did a cameo in this comedy film. In fact, he even spoke about his role on set in which he explained he really found it easy because doing a meet and greet on screen for a role comes naturally to him, as it's something he has to do anyway.

Credit: Twitter/Kobe Bryant Fans

A feature-length documentary: Kobe Bryant's Muse 

This is a documentary that came out in 2015, which goes behind the stats to reveal Kobe's career, exploring his mentorships, allies, and even rivalries that helped build his storied career. They also dive deep into his greatest personal challenge yet. 

Credit: YouTube/SHOWTIME Basketball


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