Paul George Missing Clutch Free throws, Chris Paul's Masterclass & Other LA Clippers vs Phoenix Suns WCF Game 4 Highlights

The Clippers were able to shake up the series by winning Game 3 but the Phoenix Suns retaliated and ended up with a win in Game 4. 

Now that they have a commanding 3-1 lead over the Clippers, let's look over how game 4 turned out and finished with a 84-40 score.

DeAndre Ayton with the first bucket

For the fourth time this series, it was DeAndre Ayton who scored the first bucket of the night. He set the tone for the Suns early in game 4 with 11 points and 6 rebounds in the first quarter.

Credit: Youtube/Josh Carson JC3

Kyrie Irving

Luke Kennard helped the Clippers bring back their momentum in the second quarter but that wasn't enough. Instead, following his bucket, they went scoreless for six whole minutes.

Credit: Twitter/LA Cl

Cameron Payne back with a bang

The Suns' scoring boost came from Cameron Payne in the second quarter. He sunk a big three-pointer with a few minutes left. Payne had just returned to Game 4 after playing only four minutes of Game 3 because of an ankle injury. However, the recovery wasn't slowing him down at all.

Credit: Twitter/Phoenix Suns

Mikal Bridges' Block

The Clippers continued to struggle to find a rhythm but the Suns entered the third quarter with a 56-50 lead. Then came an incredible chase-down block from Mikal Bridges.

Credit: Twitter/ESPN

Chris Paul: The Artist

As the third quarter got underway, CP3 scored 7 points in the first six minutes despite scoring only 4 points in the entire first half. He ended with 11 points in the third.

Credit: Twitter/Phoenix Suns

Reggie Jackson for a Three

Jackson had a strong fourth quarter. The three-pointer he made with 3:35 left to play, looked effortless.  And his 9 points helped LA keep Phoenix at arms length.

Credit: Twitter/LA Clippers

Devin Booker gets techical foul

Tensions were running high as Paul George and Devin Booker got into it on the court once the fourth quarter kicked off. Booker got a tech because of it.

Credit: Twitter/ESPN

Star Players step up

The Suns went 1-for-8 to start the fourth and the Clippers went 1-for-10. Both teams struggled to get things going initially and the Suns' big lead had nearly evaporated. But then two star players delivered down the stretch to take the game down to the wire.

Credit: Twitter/NBA

Terance Mann reduces deficit

With only 1:05 left before the buzzer goes off, Booker fouled out that helped Terance Mann cut it to a 3-point game with only 53.1 seconds.

Credit: Twitter/LA Clippers

Paul George Chokes again!

Once again, PG missed a clutch free throw and the Clippers suffered another loss.  Booker led the way for the Suns with 25 points, while PG only had 23.  Thanks to their 84-80 win in Game 4, the Suns are now one win away from ascending to the NBA Finals.

Credit: Youtube/Chaz NBA

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