A Tribute to Michael Jordan on His 58th Birthday - Unforgettable Moments of the NBA Legend

Michael Jordan, the GOAT of basketball for most fans turns 58 years old today. 
On MJ's birthday, let's take a look at the five best moments in His Airness' career.

63 Points vs Boston Celtics

In the 1986 NBA playoffs, a young MJ went off vs  one of the best teams of his time in Boston Celtics. Mike scored 63 points in a single playoff game!

Michael Jordan Creates History

Credit: YouTube/NBA

Jordans wins his first ring

After struggling during the 80s, Michael Jordan finally ended his championship drought in 1991, winning the first-ever ring of his career.

MJ is Finally a Champion

Credit: YouTube/TheNBAAfrica

Insane Dunk contests

Mike has always been a phenomenal dunker in his career. During his career he had numerous astounding dunks, but there is hardly anything that comes close to this.

Free Throw Line Dunks

Credit: YouTube/Pro Hoops Daily

The Flu Game

In the 1997 NBA Finals, Michael Jordan once again proved there is no one who comes close to him in terms of sheer passion for the sport. He played while fighthing with a flu!

Nothing Can Stop Michael

Credit:YouTube/MJ23 His Airness Forever

The Last Shot

It would be unfair not to add his last and final shot as a Bull. This also happens to be the series clinching shot that won him his sixth and last NBA Championship. 

MJ Wins the 6th Ring!

Credit: YouTube/pennyccw

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