49ers Eyeing Tom Brady Again: NFL Analyst Discusses the Pros and Cons of Bringing The NFL GOAT to San Francisco

28 February, 2022


Instead, San Francisco opted to stick with Jimmy Garoppolo. Brady went on to lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a championship while the 49ers continue to fall just short.

Tom Brady wanted to join the San Francisco 49ers after the 2019 season. The team was coming off a Super Bowl appearance and had to look pretty enticing to the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

The NFL Analyst Wrote About Brady in 49ers

why won't the Brady-to-49ers talk die?

"Now, with Jimmy Garoppolo finally moving on and real questions about Lance and Purdy, why shouldn't the 49ers make a move for Brady?" 

NFL Analyst added on Tom Brady

Their championship window remains open

 "Their championship window remains open, even if they've been unable to fly through it. Brady could be the missing piece to the first San Francisco Super Bowl victory in 29 years, since the 29th Super Bowl."

Tom Brady likely remains retired this time

If you're the Niners, you ask Brady again

"We don't know what Purdy is going to be in '23, but we'll just do a year of Brady, and then we can go back to our model with [the] quarterback on a rookie deal and build around him, I think, if you're the Niners, you ask Brady again. I think you let the dust settle for a while."

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