From John Elway to Troy Aikman; The Worst Rookie QB Seasons in NFL History

Not every rookie QB has had a great start to their NFL career. Here are the 5 worst rookie QB seasons in NFL history. 

John Elway 1983 

This is the best example why a QB shouldn't be judged by their rookie season. Elway isn a two time Super Bowl Champion and a Hall of Famer. He was selected by Baltimore in the 1983 draft, and this is where he had his ugliest stat line. He had a 47.5 completion percentage for 1663 yards. 

Alex Smith 2005 

Smith was put in a very tough situation that too in a miserable team in the 49ers. He lost five NFL starts and could barely complete half of his attempts.  He had just one passing touchdown against 11 interceptions. 

Jack Trudeau 1986 

He was selected number 47 by the Colts. His game was literally a nightmare, where he lost all the 11 starts and could complete just 48.9 percent of his passes. 

Troy Aikman 1989

Even Aikman had lost all of his 11 starts and had 18 interceptions. He had just nine touchdown passes and recorded 1740 passing yards. 

Ryan Leaf 1998

During his rookie season Leaf was awful on the field. Here he lost six of his nine starts and could complete just 45.3 percent of his passes for 1289 yards.

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