From the Joker to the Hulk: When NFL Fans Took Halloween Too Seriously

What can one do when you have to trick or treat and attend an NFL game at the same time? Here are five fans who dressed up and cheered for their teams on Halloween. 


A fan during New Orleans Saints vs Chicago bears in 2017 wore a costume of Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight. 


In 2010, a fan participated in the halftime festivities and dressed up perfectly for Halloween. He would surely have scared people off with his monster costume. 


On Oct 31, 2016 four fans came as the astronauts from NASA for the game between Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings. 


A Miami Dolphins fan in 2013 dressed up as The Incredible Hulk, he cheered for the game at Sun Life Stadium. 

Clown of the Chicago Bears 

This one's on top of the list, because this guy surely brings all the remaining goosebumps out. A clown wearing a Chicago Bears sweatshirt is surely a perfect mascot for the team on Halloween night.

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