How did Justin Jefferson spent his first $1Million?

Justin Jefferson is one of the finest young players in the league. He details how he spent his first $1 million and what he purchased.


Although he is not a person who likes to get a lot of Jewelry on his body, he got a Jet piece and also a pinky ring with the first $50k. 


$20k on clothes. Not what you think but Jefferson got enough football and sports gear for himself. Some gloves, good and reliable shoes and that's it. 


He is into cars, so with $150k  he got an AMG Mercedes GT 63. This one is a matte black car which some people also call a Batmobile. 


He has got a whole other section of just shoes. With Diors, Jordans and Belaniagos, he spent another $10k. 


For Christmas presents he spent more $10K, with which he got a purse for his mom,  clothes, shoes, jersey, tickets. 


 He bought a house in Minnesota, for which he spent  $405K. This facility is minutes away from where he practices. 

Interior Design 

With the help of his mom he got everything in place in the house. She designed the whole house for which Justin spent $20K.

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