London, Toronto, Honolulu and more- Cities Who Deserve an NFL Franchise

The world is not enough when it comes to your interests, and especially when we talk about the expansion of NFL teams, even the biggest cities seem to fall short. These are the cities which should have an NFL expansion team. 


Although soccer is the most popular sport in London, this city has a good chance of having an NFL expansion. Many teams have already chosen London to play their home games. It is said that if a team is established in London, it would become the first of the major professional sports leagues to have an establishment outside the United States and Canada. 


Toronto is well known for its hockey team, the Toronto Maple Leafs. This team has been one of the most financially successful sports franchises in the country. The city also has got a dedicated fan base for rugby, soccer, basketball and even Esports teams. An NFL franchise would only have an upward trajectory.


Water sports are the most popular ones in Hawaii. These Islands are the birthplace of modern surfing and stand-up paddle boarding. There are some of the oldest sports still being passionately followed, like outrigger canoe racing, and the city holds a prestigious event like the Queen Liliuokalani Canoe Races or Pailolo Challenge. Having an NFL team wouldn't be the worst idea either.

Salt Lake city 

This city has its own flagship franchise of professional sports in Utah. The NBA's Utah Jazz, who have covered the court every season, are the stars here. Besides this, the universities are known to host sports like football, basketball, gymnastics, and have also got their own ski teams. 

Mexico City 

Following their traditional sports, Mexicans are into bullfighting and basque pelota but with the times changing, other sports are also being played like football, basketball, baseball and rugby. 

St. Louis 

St. Louis were seemingly robbed of an NFL franchise when the Rams came to Los Angeles. Despite that, many feel the city should get another franchise and relive their glory days.

San Antonio 

The San Antonio Spurs belong from here. But what sports reporters think is that the San Antonio/Austin metroplex is the best unoccupied market in the U.S. for NFL expansion.

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