Matthew Stafford on Rams' Super Bowl run: 'Long time coming'

If playoff success defines quarterback legacies, Matthew Stafford flipped his on its head in the 2021 postseason.  Spending 12 years with the lowly Detroit Lions, Stafford went 0-3 in the postseason and was saddled with the distinction of a good quarterback who couldn't win the big game.

What Matthew Stafford said on this

 "Long time coming, you know? Spent a lot of years in this league and I've loved every minute of it,"

Matthew Stafford added

"I feel blessed to be able to play in this league for as long as I have but I sure am happy for this opportunity for not only myself but, really, so many guys in that locker room that deserve this too. And that's what it is, it's an opportunity to go out there and win another one."

What Sean McVay said about Matthew Stafford

"We went out and got him because we thought it was a chance to be able to get a great player of his magnitude, those things don't come around often,"

Coach Sean Mcvay added

"What he's done, he's elevated everybody around him. He's made me a better coach, he's made his teammates better, he's such a great person."

What Rams receiver Odell Beckham said about Stafford

"He had that look in his eyes the whole game. He motivated us, he pushed us, one play at a time, and he drove us down. He's just been doing that all postseason, all season really, since I've been here, he's just had that look on him. Just happy that we could get him to this point, and I know it was tough for Detroit for a lot of those years, man. Having an amazing opportunity, (he's) just gonna take full advantage of it."

The record on Stafford's name

Stafford has 49,995 career passing yards and 323 career passing TDs in the regular season (both 12th-most in NFL history), the most pass yards and pass TDs by a player at the time of his first Super Bowl appearance in NFL history.

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