Six NFL Losers Who Became Big Winners with ONE Performance

Several players have seen their careers fizzle out in the NFL, but these lucky one’s put on some awesome showcases to make their way back to the NFL

Michael Vick 

 After being caught in a dog fighting operation, he was out of the league for 2 years. But Andy Reed, the head coach of the Eagles however gave him another opportunity in 2009. 

Colin Kaepernick 

He helped the Niners torch the packers and made all the doubts on him look false. People were doubtful of him and his position, about whether he could fill in the shoes of Smith. 

Tom Brady 

Bledsoe had a nice professional sports career in New England. He even led the NFL, but one injury to Bledsoe gave Tom Brady a chance and made him the GOAT of the NFL. 

Drew Brees

Another player on whom people had doubts about being a complete bust. But he showed improvements and gave out earth shattering performances. 

Brett Favre 

He was always a gunslinger but the chance he got in 2009 silenced everyone. He threw 3 touchdowns with no interceptions. 

Alex Smith 

In the year 2015 he showed a beastly performance. He torched the Raiders with five touchdowns for 287 yards.

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