The highest scoring games in NFL history

In its century long history, we’ve witnessed some incredibly high-scoring games in the NFL. Let’s take a look at some of those games and how high did the score climb. 


On December 22, 1963 Oakland Raiders narrowly beat Houston Oilers 52-49. Total points of this match was 101, and it remains one of the most insane games in NFL history.


New Orleans Saints took on New York Giants in a regular season game, but it ended up being one of the most scintillating fixtures. The match ended with New Orleans edging out New York 52-49.


Los Angeles Rams took on Kansas City Chiefs, in a match few expected to be a high scoring one. However, the Rams shocked the Chiefs 54-51, in a match that saw 105 overall points scored.


Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns had a fierce match on November 28, 2004, where Cincinnati Bengals won 58-48. Total points scored was 106. 


On November 27, 1966, Washington Redskins beat New York Giants by an insane score of 72-41. With 113 overall points scored, it is the highest scoring game in NFL history.

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