This 21-Year-Old Millionaire QB Determined to Leave His Mark Like NFL GOAT Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes

6 March, 2023


He’s not the only quarterback with which this phenomenon occurs either. Tom Brady had heard for years about how quarterbacks were the next version of him, but really, the comparisons never came to fruition.

Ever since Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes took the league by storm in 2018, come draft season we hear analysts compare players to him.

One of the top quarterbacks in this draft class is hoping all of that changes

Florida's Millionaire QB Anthony Richardson on following the footprints of legends 

“I train for everything so I’m trying to showcase what I’m able to do. I see myself, you know, I want to be a legend,”

Anthony Richardson added

Richardson want to be like Patrick Mahomes

 “I want to be like Patrick Mahomes. I want to be like Tom Brady. I want to be one of the greats. I will be one of the greats because I’m willing to work that hard and get to that point. And so, to answer that question, I feel like I’m going to be one of the greats in the next few years.”

Millionaire Qb Anthony Richardson Concluded

Anthony Richardson willing to everything on field

"Everything I’m willing to do on the field. I’m willing to put my body on the line. I am willing to grow in the meeting rooms, in the locker room, as a leader. I’m just willing to do everything in my power to be the best version of myself that I can be for the organization I go to.”

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