Which AFC Teams Can Qualify For the NFL Playoffs in 2021?

Containing 16 teams, the AFC is one of the two conferences of the National Football League. Let's have a look at the teams who would take part in the upcoming NFL playoffs. 

Tennessee Titans

With 8 wins this season, Tennessee Titans have already qualified for the NFL playoffs. The Titans have had zero ties but have lost 3 games. They competed against teams like Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Atlanta Falcons and Cardinals. 

New England Patriots 

Playing against the Washington Football Team and New York Giants, Patriots have had 7 wins, lost four matches and had no ties at all. 

Kansas City Chiefs

The third team that we know qualifies for the NFL playoffs is Kansas City Chiefs with 7 wins. They competed against the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Chiefs. 

Baltimore Ravens 

Another team with 7 wins in this list is the Baltimore Ravens. They had proper matches against the Minnesota Vikings as well as the Miami Dolphins. Well, getting into the game, they barely lost a match and had no tie at all. 

Buffalo Bills 

The Buffalo Bills have been great this season. With 6 wins and four matches that they lost, they seem to join the above mentioned teams in the NFL playoffs.

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