Who are tom Brady's kids? 

Tom Brady is indeed the greatest quarterback in the game of football, but wait there’s more to him. He is also the best dad. He alongside Super odel Gisele Bundchen are the NFL's power couple and proud parents of their three children. 

John “Jack” Moynahan

Jack is the first child of Tom born in August 2007. Although he is a child of Tom and his ex-girlfriend, Bridget, Gisele Bundchen has been a great stepmother. She even wrote in her book that she wanted to “especially” support Tom and Jack.

Benjamin Rein Brady

Ben is the first child of Gisele and Tom, who was born  on December 8, 2009. Ben has a bit of the family joker and frequently shows up on his parent's social media posts or stories. 

Vivian Lake Brady

On December 5, 2012, the super awesome parents welcomed their first daughter. Vivian is always seen cheering his father through his football games. And just like Ben she can also be seen in her parents Instagram posts.

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