Old Mobile games that will make you feel nostalgic

To take you down a memory lane and make you feel nostalgic we have come up with 7 mobile games from your past, that you definitely have played as a kid. 

Sonic the Hedgehog

This game is the ultimate classic, which lets you discover the various styles of gameplay with all loop-de-loops you can imagine, collect rings and destroy your enemies while saving the world

Credit: youtube.com/Sonic the Hedgehog


Pac-Man is considered an icon that changed gaming history forever. You go through various mazes to eat all the Pac-Dots disguised as Pac-Man himself. 

Credit: youtube.com/Pac-Man

Crazy Taxi Classic

In Crazy Taxi you race through traffic jammed streets as you pick up customers and drive them to their destinations.

Credit: youtube.com/Crazy Taxi Classic


A game as old as time itself, destined to forever be mentioned in the same breath as such classic Nokia handsets as the 3210. This game is way too addictive and another one that has made an impact on our childhood. 

Credit: youtube.com/Snake

Space Impact

Space Impact takes us back to the halcyon days of early monochrome mobile gaming. Available on a handful of Nokia handsets reminds everyone of the time it blew our tiny minds. 

Credit: youtube.com/Space Impact


Phenomenally addictive, Tetris has found a home on just about every platform in history, including a vast array of mobile phones

Credit: youtube.com/Tetris

Flappy Bird

Anthor big one from our childhood. Even with its difficulty level the game was still capable of sinking its hooks deep into the player’s brain.

Credit: youtube.com/Flappy Bird

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