DEcoding the reality of
anti-sex beds at Tokyo Olympics 2020

Twitter went viral after athletes reacted to the Anti-sex beds. People have claimed that bed can only hold one person at a time. Let's decode the reality behind the cardboard beds.

The Rumor

There has been a rumor going around about the athlete's beds. The Olympic village beds are said to be made out of cardboard to prevent sex or intimacy in the village. 

Paul Chelimo reacts

The US athlete was the first to tweet about the bed situation and the whole Twitter exploded with reactions. 

Ali Riley reacts

Ali Riley tweeted a video saying "Yes beds are actually cardboard boxes."
She even said that one can make it out of amazon boxes. 

Rhys McClenaghan tests the bed

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Irish Gymnast tests the capacity of the bed by jumping on it. He calls the Anti-sex bed claims fake as the bed is clearly strong. 



The Reality

The IOC said that the beds are 'sturdy' as the rumor goes viral. The beds are made out of cardboard to align with the concept of sustainability to recycle them after the event. 

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