The comeback stories of these Paralympians will inspire you

The inspiring Paralympians have started their campaign for medals at the mega event. From war survivors to worst accident comebacks these athletes have some inspiring stories. Let's have a look at these unstoppable athletes.

David Brown

David Brown is the fastest blind athlete in the world since 2014. His disability to not being able to see has become his biggest strength.

Allysa Seely

2016 Rio Paralympics gold medalist is back to win her triathlon medal.  Notably, Seely is coming back after spending several months in the hospital due to inflammation in the heart.

iIbrahim Hamadtou

Table Tennis athlete lost his arms in a train accident. But that did not stop him from following his passion. He became the first athlete to compete using his mouth and feet.

Mellisa Stockwell

Triathlon Olympic medalist is returning to the games just eight weeks after a severe bike crash while training. While she lost her left leg when she was in the Army.

Shawn Morelli

Veteran US Amry lieutenant lost her left eye vision in a roadside bomb explosion.  Notably, she pursued her passion for sports and clinched the first medal for the USA at Paralympics 2020.

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