Top 5
 Game-changing moments for USA at the Summer Olympics

From top NBA players representing the USA to first American winning the gold medal in gymnastics, 
let's have a look at the top
game-changing moments for USA at Summer Olympics. 

Dream Team USA

1992 Barcelona Olympics
For the first time, NBA players were allowed at the Olympics. Michael Jordon led the team USA with top NBA players Larry Bird, David Robinson, Scottie Pippen and others. 

Michael Phelps

2008 Beijing Olympics
Michael Phelps's biggest career rise came in China when he clinched 8 record-breaking medals for US. 

Jesse Owens

1936 Berlin Olympics
Jesse Owens gave one of the most important performances in the history of the Olympics. 
He became the first athlete to win four gold medals after competing in athletics. 

Michael Johnson

1996 Atlanta Olympics
Michael Johnson became one of the fastest man alive after his performance. He became the first to clinch gold medals in both 400-meter and 200-meter events. 


1984 Los Angeles Olympics
Marry Lou Retton helped put gymnastics on the map for USA in Olympics. 
She became the first American woman to win a gold medal in all-around gymnastics.

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