Top 5 Unknown facts about Tokyo Paralympics 2020

The Tokyo Paralympics 2020 has kick-started. While athletes vie for medals, there are some unknown facts about the games. From murderball to the accessibility of medals, let's have a look at the facts.

First-ever Games

The Paralympics started at a UK Hospital. Sir Ludwig started the games as a friendly competition on the hospital grounds.

Increase in the representation of women

 The number of female Paralympians has increased. 40.5% of women will be competing at the games this year.

Medals are accessible

The Paralympians with vision loss will be able to feel the indentations on the medal's side. Giving the Paralympians a feeling of the medals.


In 1960, the sport of Dartchery was included in the Paralympic program. A combo of darts and archery was used by athletes. The sport was excluded in 1980.


The original name of the wheelchair Rugby was ' Murderball.' The game has a lot of aggression between the teams and hence the name was used.

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