Top five
eye-catching hairstyles at Tokyo Olympics 2020

Olympians are admired by people from all around the world. Athletes had stunning looks for their appearance at Tokyo Olympics 2020. Let's have a look at different hairsyles.

Megan Rapione

Megan loves to look good when she is on the field. She colored her hair pink and purple for Tokyo.


Heading 3

Olympic champion even has a hair business back at home and loves to color her hair bright. 

Naomi Osaka

Tennis star was in a different look at her home ground. Osaka colored her hair in red. 

Kiran Badloe

Dutch star had an anime-inspired hairdo for the Olympics. His look was from the "Avtar" TV series.

Wilfred Seyi

After chopping off his trademark locks boxed Wilfred Seyi colored his hair in red for Olympics.

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