top five heartwarming moments at Tokyo olympics 2020

While athletes are competitive, Tokyo Olympics 2020 is becoming the most heartwarming and kindest game in the Olympics history. From players supporting each other to marriage proposals let's have a look at these moments.

Athlete consoling opponent

In the triathlon women's event, Lotte Miller gave a pep talk and hug to her opponent who had a breakdown after finishing the match in the last position. 

Athletes sharing the
 gold medal

In the high jump event, Italy
and Qatar decided to share
the gold medal rather than having a tiebreaker.

Athletes supporting
each other

In the 800m men's race, two athletes had a fall mid-race, however the two helped each other and finished the race.

Marriage Proposal

Argentine fencer Maria Belen Maurice got a surprise on-camera marriage proposal from her coach after her match.

Standing Ovation

Gymnast Oksana Chusovitina, 46,
received a standing ovation at her
 eighth Olympics.

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