Why Usain Bolt ate chicken nuggets for every meal at Beijing Olympics

Usain Bolt estimated he ate 1,000 McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets during the Beijing Olympics — or 100 per day over 10 days at the Athletes’ Village. Do you know why? Let's have a look at the whole story.

What Usain Bolt wrote on this

“Honestly, I ate nothing else in all my time out in China except chicken nuggets,” 

Bolt added

“They were the only food I could properly trust which wouldn’t affect my stomach. On arriving at the [pre-Olympic] training camp I’d tried a local Chinese meal, which wasn’t like the ones we eat in the West, and my body didn’t react well. So, knowing I could rely on nuggets, I made up my mind that was all I would eat. And eat them I did, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, washed down with bottled water.”

Chicken nuggets help the Jamaican express to break all the records

Heading 2

That fueled the Jamaican to break world records in the 100m (9.69 seconds), 200m (19.30), and the 4x100m (37.10, later stripped for Nesta Carter‘s doping) at the 2008 Games. Those on-track exploits are featured in NBCSN’s Olympic Games Week on Tuesday.

Why Usain Bolt had chicken nuggets instead of healthy foods

Yes, it's true. Athletes should prefer a healthy diet, but most of the time quality of food matters the most. And, Beijing's food quality is always a part of the concern that made Usain trust McDonald more than them.

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