USA's 5 PROUD MOMS : Alex Morgan leads the charge as mothers showcase USA's strength at Tokyo Olympics 2021

USA's champion athletes are going to compete in Olympics after becoming proud moms. Let's have a look at these unstoppable mothers. 


Nine-time Olympic medalist will compete in her 5th Olympic games as a proud mom. This is the first time she will compete in Olympics after motherhood. Felix wants to send across the message that women can continue competing even after becoming a mother.

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US women's soccer champion Alex  will compete in her third Olympics this year. And, the first as a mother after welcoming her daughter in 2020. 

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Foluke will make her third Olympic appearance and the first as a mom. 
Volleyball Olympic medalist gave birth to son Olukayode in 2019. 

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Quanera Hayes will compete in her first Olympic Games as a proud mom at Tokyo Olympics. Hayes gave birth to her son in 2018 and hustled to come back on the field. Her efforts and unstoppable attituded helped her clinch the Olympic berth. 


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Multiple-time Olympic gold medalist will compete in her first mega-quardennial games as mother. She gave birth to her son Leo in 2018. 

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