Life-threatening injuries in diving, gymnastics, and other sports at Olympics   

In some events, Olympians really put their life's at risk as they vie for medals. From cyclist's death to weightlifters dislocating their elbow, let's have a look at the most horrifying injuries at Olympics over the years.

Derek Redmond's hamstring injury

1992 Barcelona Olympics
Great Britain's Derek Redmond had a bad hamstring injury. However, with the help of his father and determination, he completed the race.

Sa Jae-hyouk's brutal elbow injury

2012 London Games
South Korean weightlifter dislocated his elbow to lift
 162 kg.

Knud Jensen crash
leads to death

1960 Rome Olympics
The only death case at the Olympics happened when a Danish cyclist collapsed and had irreparable brain damage.

Kerri Strung ankle injury

1996 Atlanta Olympics
American gymnast had a serious ankle injury but still overcame it to win gold.

Andrienne Nyeste's fall

2000 Sydney Olympics
Gymnast had a horrifying fall
 while performing a routine on
the uneven bars.

Greg Louganis bangs his head

1988 Seoul Olympics
American Greg Louganis had a nasty head injury almost cost him a podium finish. However, he still claimed the gold.

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