one of the most dramatic victory of serena williams

In the 2007 Wimbledon match, Serena got crippling cramps. 
However, that didn't stop her from winning the match.
Let's have a look at the highlights of the match.


2007 Wimbledon
Serena Williams vs Daniela Hantuchova

Credits: Youtube/SerenaWilliamsFans

During the match, Serena got a very bad cramp and she fell down in pain.

Serena had to choose between
 her dream and  pain

Williams cried in pain however that did not stop her from playing.

Credits: Youtube/SerenaWilliamsFans

Rain came as a moment 
of hope for Serena

Just when Serena needed it the most, it started raining. The match was paused and she got a chance to rest.

Credits: Youtube/SerenaWilliamsFans

Serena went against her
Doctor's advice

Even though the doctor said that her playing the match will threaten her career, Serena believed in herself.

Credits: Youtube/SerenaWilliamsFans

Unbelievable comeback
 from Serena

Serena made an incredible comeback even after being in immense pain.

Credits: Youtube/SerenaWilliamsFans

Serena wins the 

The unstoppable Serena Williams defeated her opponent even after having crippling cramps.

Credits: Youtube/SerenaWilliamsFans

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