One year of dr disrespect's ban: still no clue as to what happened

Dr Disrespect was mysteriously banned today a year ago by twitch. There are still no words about the ban from both the content creator as well as the channel. Let's discuss what would’ve actually happened.

The Deal 

Dr Disrespect had signed an exclusive multi-year contract with Twitch in March 2020. But his channel disappeared out of nowhere from the platform, three months later in June. 



The creators have always received mail from the platform on suspension of their account or being permanently banned. But what Dr Disrespect claims is that he has no clue about the mysterious ban.


Mixer Deal

Keemstar and Jake Lucky talked about former Twitch employees who assume that Doc was using the Mixer deal as a leverage to gain a new contract from Twitch.


Post Ban

Dr Disrespect currently has 3.4 million subscribers as he moved to YouTube Gaming after his clash with Twitch. 


Twitch Ban

The ban from Twitch also restricts other players from streaming with Dr. Disrespect.


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