Outriders: best Tips to remember while playing the Demo

Outriders is going to release on April 1 with a day one launch on the Xbox game pass. Till then, players had access to a demo version. The best thing about this demo is that the progress will carry over to the full version. Therefore, here are a few things players should keep in mind while playing the demo.


Credit: Youtube.com/outriders

Accolades are like challenges in Outriders. Completing these rewards players with exciting rewards that they can use to gain a head start over others when the game comes out.


Players can replay side missions to level up their Outrider in the game and unlock other important milestones.

Credit: Youtube.com/Dantics


Resources are extremely important for modding weapons and getting better attributes and abilities on these weapons.

Credit: Youtube.com/Dantics


Modding in Outriders is extremely important in later stages to increase the power of weapons. Players can learn and place mods on their weapons.

Credit: Youtube.com/Dantics


Merchants in Outriders sometimes have rare items or powerful mods and armors. Players can keep visiting them and test their luck.

Credit: Youtube.com/outriders


Outriders is fully crossplay but in order to play with friends on different devices, one needs to turn the option to 'On' in the settings and share the code.

Credit: Youtube.com/outriders


Enemies in Outriders have weakpoints on their bodies. If players figure these out, they can totally bypass the armors and take the enemy down easily.

Credit: Youtube.com/outriders

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