PGA Tour: Top 5 Money Leaders in history

Golf Players earn a lot of money while playing on the professional tour. Here are the top 5 players who accumulated a lot of wealth from competing on the PGA Tour. 

Tiger Woods

Woods is a winner, and he is renowned as the richest golf player ever. Tiger Woods has made $120,851,706 on course throughout his PGA career. 

Credit: Youtube

Phil Mickelson 

Phil Mickelson is second on this list, as he has earned $94,814,452 in his PGA tour career. 

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Dustin Johnson 

Dustin Johnson became the world number 1-ranked golfer in February 2017. He remained there for 64 consecutive weeks. The 37 year old golfer has earned $72,594,310 throughout his PGA career. 

Credit: Youtube

Jim Furyk 

The 2010 FedEx cup champion is known to be amongst the top five golfers who have earned a really great amount of money on the PGA Tour. Furyk earned $71,479,894 during his professional career.

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Vijay Singh 

Also known as The Big Fijian, Vijay Singh has won 34 events on the PGA Tour and has earned $71,236,216 through prize money.

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