playstation exclusive games you should get your hands on now

This time we've brought you the top 7 PlayStation Exclusive. Games which are top at their art experience, and push boundaries while giving you the best feel. 

The Last of Us Part 2

The game is a lot in itself, a love story, a revenge thriller with details  so mesmerising that you get grooves in your body while playing this game.


Uncharted 4: A Thief's Revenge

Bored of being stuck at one place? Well this game gives you chance to explore great adventures, Period!



A combination of myths along with mysteries, gives this game its own authenticity. The game is imagined in the best way possible. 


The Last Guardian 

The game has intrigued everyone beyond expectations. The Last Guardian is a journey that one should visit. 


Days Gone 

This game is set in a post outbreak world, where the protagonist who is an army veteran is now an outlaw. 


Ghost of Tsushima 

The most wonderful and uniquely built. We are now finally introduced to being a samurai and ride into an adventure. 


God of War

Kratos now can travel through dimensions? Kratos has new gods to face? Kratos is introduced to Norse Mythology? Well the God of War it is.


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