Pokemon go tips and tricks to become a master

Pokemon Go is filled with tips and tricks, which can help you save a lot of time. Let's take a look at the seven best tips in Pokemon Go. 

Eevee name 

You can name your Eevee as her evolved form and you will get one. Name it Sakura and you will definitely get Eevee evolved into Sakura. 

Credit: youtube.com/PokemonGo

XL Candy

Walk your pokemon as your “Buddy”, this will enable your character to collect the XL Candy. 

Credit: youtube.com/PokemonGo

Power up 

If you have a lot of XL Candy and Stardust, you should level up your pokemon. When you transfer a higher level pokemon, you have a lot of chances to get XL Candy. 

Credit: youtube.com/PokemonGo

Mystery Box

You can transfer your Pokemon to Pokemon Home and obtain a Mystery box even without having a Nintendo Switch. 

Credit: youtube.com/PokemonGo

Sort by Name 

Set nicknames of your most used pokemons in numerical order and then sort by name, this will help you a lot to bring them up. 

Credit: youtube.com/PokemonGo

Quick catch 

Combine the Quick Catch and AR Mode to skip your time and also skip sitting till the animation gets complete. 

Credit: youtube.com/PokemonGo

Line up 

Line up the seventh catch of the day with your adventure sync rewards and use a Star Piece when you collect them. This will get you a lot of Stardust.

Credit: youtube.com/PokemonGo

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