Pokemon Unite Useful Tips that will help you win like a boss 

With the growing craze of Pokemon Unite, more people are getting introduced to the game. as the population is increasing, it is tough to fight each person you come across. Do not worry, we are here with 7 best tips of pokemon unite

Learn Multiple Characters 

This is important as you wont be always able to get your hands on your favorite pokemon, and if you wish to fight like a boss, you need to learn all the pokemon and their attacks. 

Credit: youtube.com/FPokemon Unite

Be smart about scoring 

You should know that any points you dunk at will be doubled later. You and your team get extra points, if you manage to stay a bit longer.

Credit: youtube.com/FPokemon Unite

Boss pokemon 

While you see the countdown, you also see an icon of boss pokemon. You get a reward if you take down this pokemon, and the type of reward totally depends on the boss pokemon type. 

Credit: youtube.com/FPokemon Unite

Cancel Attacks

If you are holding an attack, you can aytime cancel that attack by pressing the B button. 

Credit: youtube.com/FPokemon Unite

Grass Mechanics 

If you don't know how this works you are in trouble. Just remember tall grass hides you well, but this doesn't make you invisible to your enemies. If they are with you in the grass, you should be alot sneaky. 

Credit: youtube.com/FPokemon Unite

Jump Pad

This is really useful, you can go to your home base, heal your character and again get back in the game. You should use the jump pad very often. 

Credit: youtube.com/FPokemon Unite


This move is very tactical and smart, by hitting the down arrow you teleport your pokemon to your specific home base.

Credit: youtube.com/FPokemon Unite

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