Randy orton's most vicious rko's on women

Randy Orton is known to strike with his RKO outta nowhere and even women aren't safe. Here are seven women who felt Orton's RKO

Randy Orton took his legend killer gimmick to the next level when he RKO'd The Fabulous Moolah on her 80th birthday!

The Fabulous Moolah

Randy Orton RKO'd his then girlfriend Stacy Keibler in a bid to show The Undertaker how ruthless he can be ahead of their match

Stacy Keibler

John Cena, Carlito & Trish Stratus faced Rated-RKO and Lita on Raw. Orton hit Trish with a vicious RKO allowing Lita to pick the victory

Trish Stratus

Randy Orton took sinister to another level when he viciously attacked Shane O'Mac and then RKO'd Stephanie McMahon!

Stephanie McMahon

Nia Jax entered the 2019 Men's Royal Rumble in high hopes, but ended up receiving a RKO outta nowhere from Randy Orton!

Nia Jax

WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix got struck by a RKO after she confronted Orton for attacking her husband Edge who had recently returned 

Beth Phoenix

Randy Orton got retribution on Alexa Bliss this week on Raw after he hit her with a vicious RKO. This move will surely bring The Fiend back

Alexa Bliss