Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic Give Tennis Lessons to Their Kids Ahead of Wimbledon Championships 2021

The World Top Tennis stars Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic gave tennis lessons to their kids. 
Let's have a look at their coaching skills. 

Serena giving tennis lessons to Olympia

Starting from the basics, Serena teaching her daughter what her dad taught her when she started.

Credits: Youtube/MusktreeTennis

Making it fun and games for Olympia

Serena made Olympia play a game for her favorite crackers. Her little one loved it so much she asked if they can play it again.

Credits: Youtube/MusktreeTennis

The Cup Cake Game

Making it more fun and learning, Serena introduced a cupcake smashing game to Olympia.

Credits: Youtube/MusktreeTennis

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Novak Djokovic giving litle Stefan tennis  lessons

When world number one's son joined him on the court. Stefan Djokovic looked excited about getting lessons from his dad.

Credits: Youtube/MusktreeTennis

Stefan stunned his dad with his shot

It was definitely a fun and exciting day for Djokovic's. Look at the happy high five after defeating his dad.

Credits: Youtube/MusktreeTennis

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