10 Times Cristiano Ronaldo Scored 4+ Goals in a Match Before Al-Nassr’s Latest Game


Despite moving to Al-Nassr, the soccer fraternity believed Cristiano Ronaldo is out of moves of ahead of the road. But CR7 decides to solve all doubts on his scoring skills by going a scoring frenzy in the match against Al- Wehda.
The legendary Portuguese international scored four goals in a match against Al-Wehda in a performance that rolled back the years.

 The first of those four goals came back in 2010 against Racing Santander, then against Sevilla in 2011 and The third time CR7 did this was against Elche in 2014.The goal-scoring spree continued in 2015 in a Champions League game against Malmo. After winning the Euro 2016 with Portugal, Ronaldo won the famous Ballon d’Or for the fourth time in his career against Elche. The sixth one came in the colors of Portugal when he scored against Andoryra and the goals kept coming in against Girona 
And to keep the track running he scored the second set of four goals in an international match against Lithuania in 2019.

Apart from a four-goal haul, he scored five goals in two matches. The first one came against Granada in 2015, where he scored five sensational goals, out of which the third one was a venomous, long ranger. Although the keeper got to the ball, he couldn’t stop it from flying into the next. 
The second match was against Espanyol in 2015. Becoming the fox in the box, he scored a hat trick in under 20 minutes and paved the way for another stunning performance.

cristiano has the way with the fans and the famous ‘Siuu’ celebration is a trigger point for the crowd to get there

The latest scoring frenzy against Al-Wehda in a match where he answered all the critics with putting to display an astonishing performance and jaw dropping skills. The Saudi Arabian fans jumped with joy to see their star man and soccer veteran celebrate in front of them. What a brilliant comeback!

cr7 completed over 500 career league goals

Cristiano Ronaldo completed 500 career league goals as he scored all four goals in Al Nasr's 4-0 win over Al Wahda. The 37-year-old scored his first goal for the Saudi Pro League side last week but followed it up with a clinical display at the King Abdulaziz Stadium.

The next set of beauties came in a match against Sevilla in 2011, his second one, particularly a beauty, where he took two touches to beat the defender and finished it with aplomb

The goal-scoring spree continued in 2015 in a Champions League game against Malmo. The first was a sensational trademark knuckleball free kick from Ronaldo, while the other three were a collection of his bona fide predatory instincts inside the box.

To score a hat trick for some players is a rare feat. But Ronaldo is next level and proving himself everyday despite speculations all around and scoring 4 goals with ease

Ronaldo won the famous Ballon d’Or for the fourth time in his career. Against Elche, he scored a blinder from outside the box, a trademark free-kick into the top corner, and scored a third goal by becoming the fox in the box by scoring, a thumping header for his fourth

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