spookiest games to play on Xbox this Halloween 

Celebrating the season of Halloween, we are here with a list of horror and spooky games which you might want to experience. Here are the seven best horror games to check out this halloween.   

The dark pictures anthology: little hope 

This has a classic story of a group of teenagers, with really great visuals. The teens have got their bus stuck in a village and their bus driver has vanished. 

Credit: youtube.com/The Dark Pictures House of Ashes 

Resident Evil Village 

Well, we love zombies so why not them in Transylvania itself. This time the RE franchise lets you explore the in depth visions of Transalvania in Resident Evil Village. 

Credit: youtube.com/Resident Evil Village 


This game’s protagonoist is haunted by his past, but that's nothing in front of the house that is haunted by the ghosts, who happen to be the owners of the same house, and falling prey generations after generations. 

Credit: youtube.com/Visage

Alien : Isolation 

Isolation takes you back to the age old cult classic Alien movie. But if you are thinking that you might have fun around big creepers, while you shoot them with awesome guns. Well you are wrong, there are no mighty guns to support you. Good luck finding your way out. 

Credit: youtube.com/Alien : Isolation 

Dead Space Trilogy

This one has to be the best sci fi horror game. It literally crosses the limits of one's imagination of how bloody it can be. 

Credit: youtube.com/Dead Space Trilogy

The Medium 

Here, the female protagonist has got some awesome powers, just like our beloved Constantine. She then visits an abandoned holiday resort, where she explores her true power and origin. 

Credit: youtube.com/The medium 

Dead by daylight 

This is an asymmetrical slasher where one player has to be a psycho serial killer and the others have to run for their lives. Simple concept but bloody brutal.

Credit: youtube.com/Dead by daylight 

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