best action games of 2021

The action games that came this year are super epic. So let's check the top 7 action games of 2021. 

Samurai warrior 5 

This one is sort of a remake in the Samurai franchise which brings along a few new open worlds in the game. 

Credit: warrior 5 

Necromunda: hired gun 

This one is an indie FPS game set in an infamous hive city. This game has got interesting weapons customization which will keep you stick to it. 

Credit: hired gun 

Naraka: Blade Point 

This one is a 60 player battle royale set in the feudal japan era. You get to use a lot of weapons but most importantly you get to use many types of samurai swords. 

Credit: Blade Point 

The Ascent 

This is a cyberpunk action RPG. It's a twin stick shooter with great graphics. If you are fan of sci-fi cities and animations, you should definitely play this game. 

Credit: ascent 

V Rising 

Here you fight to become the next Dracula in an open world. Along with great graphics and awesome colors this game lets you play with friends or solo. 

Credit: V Rising 

Warhammer 40K: Darktide

 This is a four player co-op left 4 dead styled game. You get to choose your class and even customise your skillset. 

Credit: 40K: Darktide

Scarlet nexus 

This is an action RPG in which most of the combat is centered around melee attacks. You can also update your various skill set abilities during the game.

Credit: nexus 

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