the best among us mods

Among Us was clearly the breakout game of 2020. A lot of big-name streamers had a hand in making the game popular, but overall the game is incredibly fun in itself.

However, when the game started getting a little monotonous, modders took over and add some interesting elements to make it even more fun. Let’s take a look at the best Among Us mods you can try. 

Mr Beast was one of the first ones to play Among Us with 100 players. He used a custom mod to populate the lobby with 100 players which as you may imagine was absolutely chaotic and hilarious. 

Credit: YouTube/MrBeast
100 Player Mod

The Doctor mod allows one player to be the ‘Doctor’ and revive any dead bodies in the game. However, if the player is revived by a doctor, they cannot reveal the identity of the impostor. 

Credit: YouTube/Socksfor1
Doctor Mod

This mod is particularly interesting as it gives one random player the ability to be a ‘Sheriff’ and kill a player. If he kills an impostor, everything is good; but if he kills a crewmate, he dies as well

Credit: YouTube/Socksfor1
Sheriff Mod

This mod allows players to grow their own Crewmates and Impostors in Minecraft. It may not be as interesting as the others but it exists nonetheless.

Credit: YouTube/CooL125
Minecraft Mod

The Thicc Mod is probably the weirdest thing you’ll see today. It is a mod, where all players are..umm…thicc. Clearly, the internet never ceases to amaze us.

Credit: YouTube/Caylus
Thicc Mod

VR may still take a while to develop fully but that didn’t stop modders from creating a VR mod for Among Us. This lets players experience the game in VR with tasks, kill, and sabotage controls available on the handheld controller

Credit: YouTube/Caylus
VR Mod

This mod puts the Among Us crewmates and impostors in the world of GTA 5. The mod follows the mechanics of the popular title when it comes to doing tasks, killing crewmates or even sabotaging. 

Credit: YouTube/Caylus
GTA 5 Mod

Yet another mod that MrBeast tried first was the Among Us 3D mod. This takes the game and turns it into something like a big-budget AAA title (not really) and lets players enjoy the game in 3D. 

Credit: YouTube/MrBeast
3D Mod

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