Best Games Available on Xbox Game Pass in 2021

There are a ton of games on the Xbox Game Pass, which might make it hard to choose one from such a huge variety. Here are the top 7 Game Pass games. 

Monster Hunter World 

With the design and monster behaviour, this game lets you experience the monster very closely. This game exploded  worldwide with its fantastic combat skills and other stuff.   


Resident Evil 7 

This game has been one of the most liked games for years. The developers are known to consistently make good games. 

Credit: Evil 7


If you like gunplay along with a good storyline, Control is definitely for you. Along with shooting guns, you also have super powers.   



This game is called the roller coaster of emotions with a lot of twists and turns along the way. The story and atmosphere are also one of a kind.


Nier Automata

Master is what this game is. With a highly engaging story, Nier Automata has also got fast-paced combat. 


Doom Eternal 

For Doom, just moving and shooting around is not enough. One needs to play logic to fight in the situation that game provides you. 


Ori and the will of Wisps

With stunning visuals, Ori and the will of Wisps has a well crafted emotional story, which makes this game a rival of Mario and Rayman. You can collect plenty of abilities.


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