Best Games To Play if You Love Dark Souls

If you're a huge fan of the souls series and are done playing each and every game in it, you might be searching for more. because that is one urge you can't kill. Here are the top 7 souls like games to play. 

Code Vein 

This game has big difficulties, with balanced bosses along with huge and expansive world design. This game has a lot more to offer just like the soul series does. 

Credit: Vein 

The Surge 2 

This game has got tighter balance over its difficulties in the game. Here you gain scrap to upgrade your armour when you kill an enemy. 

Credit: Urge 2 


 This game gives you bosses having the quality of what you are seeking for. Also the world design is superb where you can make your way into the areas in an offbeat order. 


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 

Here the force powers add to the deeper levels like the souls series, also the combat is solid. 

Credit: Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 

Remnant : From The Ashes

The most appreciated in terms of combat, this game has taken its inspiration from the Souls Series. The only thing that people hate about this game is the tool kit. 

Credit: : From The Ashes

 Dead Cells 

This one started as a modest project but with time it's bosses and levels have expanded to a whole new level. 

Credit: Dead Cells 

Hyper Light Drifter 

This one's a bit different than the other in the list as this one took much of its inspiration from Retro Zelda rather than Souls. This game although has an emphasis like souls.

Credit: Light Drifter 

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