The Best grand theft auto games of all time

Over the years, Rockstar’s GTA Franchise has blossomed into one of the most successful game series of all time. With amazing storylines, memorable characters and awesome cheats, let’s take a look at some of the best GTA titles of all time

GTA 5 is arguably the best title Rockstar has ever produced. Not only is the game on point with its story and mechanics, but it is also the second-highest selling game of all time, across platforms. The game came out in 2013 but is still extremely popular amongst the fans.

Credit: YouTube/Rockstar

Fans of the franchise would argue that San Andreas is the best title in the series. Surprisingly, they wouldn’t be wrong. The game was revolutionary for its time with tons of different gameplay mechanics, gripping story, and insane action. It is also very popular in the internet meme-culture. 

GTA: San Andreas
Credit: YouTube/Rockstar

Vice City takes the fans on a nostalgic trip. The game’s mechanics and story may not have been as intricate as San Andreas, but it is iconic in every way. A particular ‘unbeatable’ mission in the game has become a legend amongst the fans too. 

GTA: Vice City
Credit: YouTube/Rockstar

The story of Niko Bellic is definitely amongst the best ones. GTA 4 was revolutionary in terms of adding great visual fidelity to the GTA titles and also had a couple of expansion packs as well.

Credit: YouTube/Rockstar

Liberty City Stories was initially launched as a PlayStation Portable exclusive title. The game never got much recognition considering its limited platform availability but it was a great game regardless of the constraints.

GTA: Liberty City Stories
Credit: YouTube/Rockstar

GTA 3 wouldn’t be amongst the best titles as it failed to live up to the expectations. The game’s story was decent and it proved to be a mediocre game overall.

Credit: YouTube/Rockstar

Fans are now eagerly waiting for the GTA 6 title as the GTA 5 title came out 7 years ago. The long wait and rumors continue to make the fans impatient by the day. Hopefully, Rockstar will announce something in 2021 to keep the fans happy. 

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